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The Iceberg of Ignorance

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

The Iceberg of Ignorance

The concept was developed by Sidney Yoshida in 1989. He is said to have uncovered that there is a poor distribution of power and information within the hierarchy. He found that the leadership was hardly aware of any of the real problems the organization faced.

They were, as he put it, only aware of the tip of the iceberg of ignorance!

If Yoshida's numbers are still accurate today then not a lot has changed since 1989, the exact numbers may not be relevant but the model offers a powerful and painful insight into the state of communication and true transparency in today's project teams and workplaces.

If you're conscientious about melting your iceberg of ignorance? Practice #authenticleadership and build a culture of #trust and #psychologicalsafety so your team discusses and brings the issues they need to you.

Frequently engaging with all members of your project team seems to be a still underused key to success.

Connect. Connect. Connect.

"Keep the hierarchy; stop acting hierarchically"

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