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Clean Energy  Wind Farm


Our Story

At MCS, we understand that project management is not always easy. With experience over many years of a wide range of projects, Mark has encountered many challenges you may face. Let his years of experience guide you and help you successfully navigate them.

Mark and his team are ready to consult, coach, train & mentor you and your team to support your project execution/delivery. 

We can provide project management-led total services (engineering, procurement & construction management) to execute the project, pure project management services, or develop your project management and leadership skills so your team can execute your project portfolio using best practices and confidently.    


We aim to help organizations and individuals succeed with their projects On Time and On Budget and fulfill their objectives and KPIs!

Our Vision

Working in partnership with our clients, local communities, and other stakeholders, we strive to deliver significant projects to satisfy customers and stakeholders. 

We are passionate about project execution excellence, digital project delivery, and energy transition project implementation in support of decarbonization and NetZero climate change mitigation goals.

Clean Energy


Our aim is to be ‘green’ through striving to use resources sustainably  in the projects I lead, and through our commitment to sustainable energy transition and decarbonization.

Wind  Turbines


Our culture embraces and enables diversity in all forms so that our people and our clients can make the most of their potential. 

Mark Cowley Coaching


We aim to increase efficiency and effectiveness by challenging the current models, by innovating, by digitally transforming and by honing our approach to set new standards for the industry and the world.

Our Values

Building on 29  years of ‘making things happen’ to build mega projects across multiple countries, significantly impacting nations and communities, and enabling economic growth so local people can live healthy, safe lives.



Love a Challenge

We love a challenge and we work hard to make change happen and see things through. We don’t stand still, challenging ourselves and others to do better every day. And we are trusted to do the right thing, raising standards all the time. 

Mark Cowley Services Project Team

Stronger Together

We’re stronger together by connecting people in diverse teams, so that we can all collaborate to deliver our best work. We focus on what matters and use our influence to build a better world for everyone.

Mark Cowley Services Solar Panel

Bring out the best in


We bring out the best in everyone. We help each other to make the most of our potential, always learning from our experience. We treat each other with care and respect and make time to give everyone a voice.

Our Team

Vilma Marania of Mark Cowley Services



Vilma Marania

971 52 292 1454

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